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  • Essential Skills To Know When Backpacking

    Backpacking involves a high degree of independence when you are in the wild.

    With hikers making up for their lack of supplies with more specialized wilderness knowledge, learning such a set of skills is a must! It is important to take note that many other hikers and backpackers share similar abilities and learning them requires greater dedication for most of us.

    Here are some of the essential skills you must know before heading out there.

  • How To Prevent Mosquitos & Ticks In Hike

    Mosquitoes and ticks are an additional concern for hikers. There may be too many to little that we may encounter at each hike but the main thing is we don't want these critters to be biting us even just once. 

    Here are  some of our tips that can help keep us hikers safe from ticks and mosquito bites! 

  • Best Overnight Hiking Routes For Any Skill Level

    Setting off on an overnight backpacking trip is a terrific way to combat the widespread crowds at the park while also experiencing a completely other kind of outdoor adventure for adventure-seekers who don't mind going outside of their comfort zone and getting a little dirt on their shoes. Worry not because we had put together a list of our top one-night hikes in several of the most popular national parks, ideal for novice or experienced trekkers who don't want to log many kilometers. They are both diverse and beautiful, with rough boreal woods, glistening alpine lakes, and breathtaking cliff-edge panoramas that we're sure we can all enjoy. Cheers!


  • National Park Service Founders Day

    national park ranger founders day

    Every year on August 25, National Park Service Founders Day is honored. The National Parks System's outstanding conservation and preservation efforts are honored on this day. Remember that the National Parks Service works hard to make a natural outdoor resource accessible to every American while you are enjoying beautiful trails, open spaces, watersheds, or recreational areas. They are also in charge of opening up hiking and bike pathways for everyone. The National Parks System is dedicated to providing unique outdoor experiences. We learn so much about the local geology and history from these parks while being enchanted by their beauty.

  • How To Find Friends To Hike With

    Finding a hiking bud and what they call "trail family" is a bit daunting these days. But is it?

    For some it is quite the challenge and they may find it hard to establish a sincere and mutually beneficial partnership. Adding up, even while there are now more options than ever for hiking organizations that cater to various populations, meeting peers to enjoy the outdoors can be challenging, especially for those who are marginalized and are at a disadvantage. This is why we decided to check the internet and after digging for a couple of months, we found some of the "best of the best" when it comes to outdoor communities.

  • Knowing Your Limits is Power

    Did you know that according to statistics, only around 75 percent of those who set out on a thru-hike this season will succeed. Even when it's a good idea to stop, many hikers find it more difficult to do so than to continue.

    There may be several indications during our trip that can signal us to stop and even make it the best decision rather than just continuing. Here are some of those posing matters that you might consider during your trip.

  • Interested In Climbing? Start With Bouldering

    If you're looking for something a bit different, exciting and a long term sport that you can practice for the rest of your life, not to mention going to scenic spots and actually being able to be with the outdoors, then climbing is one of those sports that is best in this category, not to mention that you'll never get bored with it. The only thing to take note is, it may not be for everybody. Since it is considered an extreme sport and many find it to be more difficult than you'd expect, it isn't always evident how to begin and start this kind of activity.

    The good news is that bouldering has become a popular subgenre of the said sport because of how approachable it is, and that it is now easier than it has ever been to give it a try. In addition to that, there is unlimited potential for advancement. The sport is so fascinating that you literally never stop learning in the course of participating in it. There is no such thing as a repeat to every challenge and each situation is new.   Since this is the case, why not get started right away? 

  • Why Just Moving Is More Powerful Than You Think

    Did you know that the very act of moving might bring about profound changes, when we say changes, they're positive ones that can give you transformational development. You may already be aware of some of the advantages, such as the fact that regular exercise has been known to enhance sleep quality, lower high blood pressure, increase bone density and many more. However, the question is, does physical activity have the potential to help us develop into better people?

    Join us as we dive a little more to know why just moving is more powerful than you think.

  • How to choose the right camp spot

    When going camping, there are certain things that you just cannot prepare for because we can never predict what will really happen during our trip. That is why it is important to plan, prepare and educate yourself. One important aspect and necessary to know beforehand is how to choose a decent location for your tent. This will either dictate how safe, secure and comfortable you'll be on your most vulnerable while you sleep at camp through the night. 

  • How To Cook Dehydrated Pasta Primavera At Camp

    It's not your normal hiking food, but this dehydrated pasta primavera is both fresh and satisfying! When you've been out in the wilderness for a few days, you've probably been yearning for some fresh veggies, and this dish has them in spades.

    Choosing the correct nutritional profile for your camping meals may be a delicate juggling act. Calorie density should be your first priority and range the rest from  fats and oils to keep you going. But would it be cool if you add a  little variety in the form of veggies? Well, that wouldn't hurt if you're into it.


  • First Aid Tricks When Hiking With Your Dog

    Paw injuries sustained by our furry friends are easy to identify and, at times, are spot on. However, the diagnosis of many other canine problems may be difficult to "you can't truly know" until you take them to the veterinarian for a thorough checkup . In contrast to your other traveling companions, dogs are unable to communicate with you when they are in pain. Get yourself familiarized with some fundamental first aid procedures before you go out on the trail with your four-legged friend. Here are several things you could need. 

  • Tips for hiking in the heat

    Well what do you know, summer is here! When the weather is nice, bright and sunny, it's time to put on your hiking boots and go off for an alpine lake hike, a mountain peak climb, or a stunning slot canyon adventure. Regardless of the fun you can all have, If you don't know how to handle the extreme heat that comes along with the sun, your fun day might quickly turn into an uncomfortable and even deadly one.

    So how do we make the most of our hike on a bright and sunny day? Hold your horses, we got you!