7 Reasons Why Hiking Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Got bored? Tired of the same dating activities? Why not hike together for a change? 

It’s time to flex those joints and muscles!

Reasons why you should hike together:

1. Quality time together

Put away all the daily worries you have from work. Time to savor the moment and be yourselves. 

2. Making good memories together

Receiving gifts from your partner can be great, but it’s the memories you have that are indeed priceless.

3. Better communication

65% of divorce cases are caused by miscommunication. Relationships among couples struggle because of poor communication.

4. Outdoor activities teach us patience

Being patient with your partner will save you from unnecessary drama and unwanted difficult conversations.

5. Improved problem-solving skills

With problem-solving skills come creativity skills. It’s always fun to exercise our minds once in a while.

6. Learning to appreciate simple things

Gratefulness coupled with an active lifestyle is always good for our mental health.

7. Become healthier and happier 

1000+ steps for increased lifespan.

According to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, almost 5.3 million premature deaths happen yearly because of sedentary lifestyles. Exercise can avoid premature deaths. 902-hour walk per week for longer life. Adults should walk at least two hours a week for better health benefits.

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