First Aid Kit Essentials for Backpacking

First Aid Kit Essentials for Backpacking

Buying or prepping a First Aid Kit should be something that dependently relies on the length and nature of your trip. We often want to reduce bulk and minimize weight by carrying only the appropriate items for the time spent on the trail. Before each and every hike, go through the items in your first-aid kit and evaluate each item with the question of, what could happen if I didn’t bring this?

Knowing how to use the items in your kit is also equally as important as bringing them, so if you’re going to purchase a kit, read up on how to properly use the items. We’ll be giving you a list that we would consider as a good start to a DIY kit. The items we’ll list out pertains to emergency essentials that cover the basics to first aid care in the backcountry. It’s also important to note that, any vitamins or medication that you or your group needs should also be included in your First-Aid Kit.

DIY First Aid Essentials


If you plan on spending a significant amount of time in the backcountry, you may want to take a First-Aid course to prepare yourself for any crisis situations. Skills that can be learned in First-Aid courses are:

  • CPR
  • Injury management(broken bones, sprains, wounds & burns, bleeding)
  • Hypothermia
  • Heat Exhaustion
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