Head to the Beach Before Summer Ends!

Summer is a time for many things, from children getting a break from their hours of online schooling to playing games and visiting theme parks, to friends and families taking long awaited vacations. However, a forever-staple to the summer season is going to beloved beaches across the world.

Whether it is to get the best of both worlds at Santa Monica Beach + Pier in California (you see what I did there with Hannah Montana: The Movie), or to be amazed by the beautiful white sand of Navagio Beach in Greece. There is a beach longing for you, and I bet you have been longing for it too. 

Now, you may be wondering, which beach should I go to, or what should I wear? But there is an age-old question that is often over-complicated by many people: what should I bring? There are so many options that you have to choose from, that it gets overwhelming. It’s very easy for me to answer the first two questions: La Jolla Beach in Southern California, and I’m wearing some type of dad-like Hawaiian button down with tan beach shorts. For the third question, allow me to share with you some of my necessities that I will always bring with me for beach day. 



  • Beach Tent / E-Z Up

Alright look, I understand that we go to the beach to enjoy the sun. But sometimes, you just need some instant shade. My usual go-to is to get a beach tent for people to hangout in and escape the heat. An E-Z Up is also helpful when you bring food and drinks and don’t want them to sit in the sun all day.

  • Foldable Table + Beach Chairs

No one, and I mean NO ONE, likes sand in their food or drinks. Everyone is going to be moving around, and all of a sudden a delicious fruit salad is drenched in sand. Having a table allows for food to be in a secure spot. Chairs have a similar reason: you may not want to constantly sit in the sand. Also, am I the only one who's back and arms hurt from constantly having to hold myself up while sitting on the sand for too long? 


  • Tote Bags

Can you imagine walking down to a beach, with your hands full of food containers, chip bags, and boxes of drinks, and then one misplaced step and you spill it all? Avoid it all, and bag all your food! (Simple enough right?)

  • Family-Style Food / Chips / Fruits

Do I gotta explain myself? (Special shoutout for the people who bring spinach artichoke dip, you are the GOAT.)

  • Water / Sodas

Last time I checked, it’s not the best thing to drink the water in the ocean. Staying hydrated during the hot summer days at the beach is often overlooked. It’s not only the sun that is giving off heat, but also its reflection through the sand. So you essentially are getting exposed to even more heat, so stay thirsty (hydrated) my friends.


  • Sports Balls

Some of my favorite things to do at the beach is throw good ol’ pigskin around like Dan Marino, maybe even channel my inner Misty May with volleyball. These are always crowd pleasers, let alone make for some of the funniest memories for those who aren’t as gifted an athlete as myself.

  • Sand Castle Molds

Look I may be 21, but you will never take the kid out of me. That is my statement, and I will live by it.

  • Sunscreen

Okay, like I said I am 21, but I still need someone to remind me to use sunscreen just like my mom did all the time when I was little. When I was in 5th grade, I never knew what a sunburn looked or felt like. I went to school the next day and one of my friends saw something red on my arm, and because we were kids just slapped it… let me be the one to tell you to use sunscreen.

  •  Beach Towel

As I said for food, I repeat, do I gotta explain myself?



With all this in mind, it’s simply about just going to a beach and enjoying it with your friends and family. But before going to the beach, honestly anywhere for that matter, remember to be safe. COVID has already taken one summer away from us, and cases are rising again. So do your part to keep not only you, your friends, and family safe, but also those around you. Try to distance yourself from others’ setups, select beaches with less foot traffic, and wear your mask when appropriate. Hope you all have had and are still having a great summer, be sure to enjoy it while it lasts!

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