Why Just Moving Is More Powerful Than You Think

Did you know that the very act of moving might bring about profound changes, when we say changes, they're positive ones that can give you transformational development. You may already be aware of some of the advantages, such as the fact that regular exercise has been known to enhance sleep quality, lower high blood pressure, increase bone density and many more. However, the question is, does physical activity have the potential to help us develop into better people?

Join us as we dive a little more to know why just moving is more powerful than you think.


Have you ever taken part in a running competition or a hiking event?  If so, Whether it was a local trail race or a marathon in a large metropolis, you're familiar with the physical intensity and the feeling of camaraderie that these competitions inspire.

The fact that difficult circumstances bring out our best qualities like our strengths, perspiration through our tremendous efforts, and even tears—are  one of the many perks associated with challenging events. We always like to think that there is nothing better in fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie quite as good as intense emotions do. That is why emotions thrive in challenges.

Adding up to our point, the sense of camaraderie has the potential to enrich our lives in tangible and quantifiable ways. One research found that those who exercised together reported more stress alleviation and calmness than those who exercised alone. This finding may be one of the reasons why participating in group courses or races may seem so dang’ addictive.

There is no better way to be reminded of the strength of the human spirit than by witnessing a group of individuals gather together and put in a lot of effort to achieve a shared objective and we could all benefit from having a little bit more of it.


With our busy schedules, never ending activities to find a living, discovering what we’re truly made of can be a bit daunting and sometimes, we forget what our real potential is, especially on those days when things are rough.

But did you know that moving, in a way that you exert enough effort for productivity gives you a positive mindset? Moving can make you learn that you are stronger, more determined, extra resilient, and hardworking than you think. These awesome factors add up to our wellbeing and in return, can provide us a stronger sense of “self” and better confidence in what we are.  Woah! Isn’t it cool?

Furthermore, according to the findings, this so-called “resilience” is transferable to our day-to-day life. One research indicated that those who exercised often were more likely to recover quickly from the negative effects of stress rather than enduring a prolonged decline in mood following the incident. The main point is, If you can train your body and mind to persevere through challenging situations on the trail, you will be more equipped to persevere through challenging situations at work, at home or life in general.


People have a way of connecting with one another and setting off gloriously unexpected cascades of events when they fall in love with a kind of movement. This movement might be a sport, an art form, or a long-term interest such as backpacking or hiking.

You won't even realize it, but sooner or later, you'll become a part of a community and even  venture to new locations with them. Soon enough, this love will begin to drive explorations, which will result in the discovery of new landscapes and the meeting of new individuals that may become long lasting friends along the route.


Moving activities such as running gives us time to reflect, daydream, and vent out frustrations, all of which help us be a better person for our spouse, our family, and our friends. Events such as these can give us the opportunity to be together and show up with the people that matter.

Giving your body and mind what they need makes it possible for you to present a more improved version of yourself, not just for yourself but also for the people who love you the most. This is true whether you turn to movement to feel a connection, to feel powerful, or to feel free.


Moving our bodies has a way of assisting us in letting go of the negative and welcoming in the positive. You'll understand what we're talking about if you've ever begun a run or a walk feeling furious but ended it feeling calmer than when you started.

When we move our bodies on a consistent basis, we give ourselves the opportunity to acknowledge and process feelings that could otherwise get bottled up. It's one thing on how to take care of ourselves.

And yes, moving as a means of starting over is a great way to reset things! In fact, research has shown that engaging in regular physical activity may lessen feelings of anxiety and sadness, as well as facilitate more clear thinking when faced with stressful situations. Another piece of encouraging information is that you do not have to push your heart rate to its absolute limit in order to enjoy those benefits. According to findings from recent studies, a change in mood may occur after as little as five minutes of low-intensity, rhythmic activity like bicycling or jogging.

Regardless of what it is that pushes you to start moving, it is important to keep in mind that the benefits that are waiting for you are going to be well worth it. Cheers!


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