Seam Sealer Guide

Here are the instructions on how to apply the seam sealer from the kit when you receive your Backbone Trekking Pole Tent:

1. Unpack the seam sealer kit: Open the package containing the seam sealer kit that accompanies your Backbone Trekking Pole Tent. Ensure that all the necessary items are included, such as the seam sealer solution, a brush or applicator, and any additional instructions.


    2. Identify the untreated area: Locate the mesh panel with the head vent on your Backbone Trekking Pole Tent. This is the area where the stitching is exposed and requires seam sealing. Note: The entire tent comes seam-taped and this is the only area that will need treatment. 

    3. Prepare the tent: Before applying the seam sealer, make sure the tent is clean and dry. Ensure that the surface you'll be working on is dry as well. This will promote optimal adhesion and sealing effectiveness.


    4. Apply the seam sealer: Take the brush or applicator provided in the kit and dip it into the seam sealer solution. Ensure that there is enough seam sealer on the brush or applicator. Apply the seam sealer directly to the stitching along the stitched area outside the tent. Ensure that the entire stitched area on the mesh panel is covered.

    5. Let it dry: Allow the seam sealer to dry completely. The drying time may vary depending on the specific product, so refer to the instructions provided in the kit for guidance. Avoid touching or disturbing the sealed area during this time to ensure a strong and durable bond.
    6.Test the seal: Once the seam sealer has dried, it's a good idea to conduct a quick test to ensure the seal is secure. Lightly spray water or simulate rainfall on the treated area and observe if any water seeps through. If there are any concerns, reapply the seam sealer as needed and repeat the drying process.
      By following these instructions, you'll be able to apply the included seam sealer from the kit to the necessary areas of your Backbone Trekking Pole Tent. This will provide additional waterproofing and protection to keep you dry and comfortable during your outdoor adventures. Enjoy your new tent and have a fantastic time exploring the great outdoors!