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Featherstone UL Granite 2P Backpacking Tent

Featherstone UL Granite 2P Backpacking Tent

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Durable, Lightweight, & Comfortable

Your no-frills freestanding backpacking tent that's practical for any adventure and comfortable enough to call it your safe haven. Backcountry, basecamp, or thru-hike this tent can do it all.

Product Description

Features & Specifications


Seasons: 3-Season
Sleeping Capacity: 2 Person
Floor Dimensions: 84 x 51 inches / 213 x 130 cm
Peak Height: 43 inches / 109 cm
Vestibule Area: 25.6 in / 65 cm
Pack Size: 16 x 4 in / 41 x 10 cm
Pack Weight: 4 lbs 10 oz (2.09 kg)
Trail Weight: 4 lbs 3 oz (1.9 kg)
Minimalist Setup Weight: 2.7 lbs (1.22 kg)


Rainfly: 20-denier Sil-Nylon with 2000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating
Floor: 20-denierSil-Nylon with 2000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating
Canopy: Noseeum Mesh
Poles: Single Hubbed Poles
Pole Type: 7001 Aluminum
Accessories: 12 Aluminum Stakes, Reflective Guy Lines, &Waterproof Footprint


• Freestanding

• Bathtub Floor

• Factory-Taped Seams

• Detachable Overhead Gear Loft

• Footprint Included

• Reflective Rain Gutter

• Two Doors

• Two Vestibules

• 12 Stakes Included

• 7001 Series Aluminum Poles

• Reflective Guylines


Embark on your wilderness escapades with confidence and comfort with Featherstone's Backpacking Tents – your ideal solution for unparalleled outdoor shelter. Whether you're a seasoned hiker, a dedicated thru-hiker, or a camping enthusiast, our backpacking tents are designed to meet your every need, ensuring a memorable experience in nature.

UltraLight and Ultra Durable: Crafted with precision and passion, our UL Granite 2P, UL Peridot 2P, and UL Obsidian 1P backpacking tents are the epitome of ultralight design. We understand the importance of minimizing your load without compromising on quality, which is why we've meticulously engineered these tents using cutting-edge materials. Experience the joy of easy portability as you carry Featherstone's ultralight tents on your adventures.

A Haven for All Seasons: Be it the balmy days of spring, the scorching heat of summer, or the crisp nights of autumn, our 3-season backpacking tents have got you covered. The innovative design strikes the perfect balance between ventilation and protection, ensuring you stay comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

Weatherproof Marvels: Mother Nature can be unpredictable, but you can count on Featherstone's Backpacking Tents to keep you dry and safe. With our top-of-the-line waterproof technology, rain or shine, you can sleep soundly, knowing that your tent will shield you from the elements.

Lightweight and Spacious: We understand that every ounce matters when you're on the move. Our backpacking tents offer a generous interior space without adding unnecessary weight to your backpack. Experience the freedom of movement and ample headroom that allows you to relax after a day of thrilling hikes.

Built to Endure: At Featherstone, we are driven by a commitment to excellence. Our backpacking tents are built to last through countless adventures, with reinforced seams, durable zippers, and rugged materials. Invest in our tents, and they'll be your trusted companions for years to come.


How do I set this up?

We try our best to make our tents practical and easy to set up. Here's our instruction manual to set up the tent: Download Instruction Manual

If you have any questions, please contact

What's the difference between the UL Granite and the UL Peridot?

Aside from color, the maindifferencebetweenthe two is the tent body. The walls are higher on the UL Peridot which makes it slightly heavier by a few ounces. Both tents are great for lightweight backpacking.

How do I store it back in its stuff sack?

1) Fold the tent body and rainfly seperately like an envelope, matching the same length as the poles.

2) Place the rainfly on top of the tent body aligning the edges.

3) Place the poles on one of the edges and use the poles to roll both the tent body and rainfly together. Once rolled up, use the strap-webbing that was included with your tent to clip and tighten.

4) Place your rolled up tent back into the stuff sack along with your stakes and footprint.

  • Discover unparalleled comfort with our tents boasting advanced UV & Rain Protection. Bask in the sun safely, shielded from harmful rays. When rain pours, find serenity inside, embracing nature's rhythm. Elevate your camping adventure with unmatched protection and tranquility.

  • Nature is unpredictable, but your shelter shouldn't be. Our tents are meticulously crafted with waterproof seam sealing, providing a barrier against the elements. When you choose us, you choose reliability, ensuring your adventure is always on your terms.

  • Our fabric is rigorously tested, boasting a hydrostatic rating of 2000 mm—ensuring it withstands even the heaviest downpours. When it's us, you're investing in confidence, knowing your adventure won't be dampened by nature's whims.

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