How to Celebrate Holidays During a Pandemic

Between large-gathering bans and shortages in grocery stores, prepping for festivities and holidays is difficult this year for many and probably the last thing on our minds. But just like with any outdoor sport or recreational activity, reacting and making the most out of every situation is in our nature. Coincidentally, upcoming holidays like Easter and Passover celebrate not only renewal and rebirth but resiliency and redemption—the boundless spirit of life itself. Sure, the parties maybe smaller, or the traditional egg hunt may be cancelled due to the limited supply of eggs. Still we can gather however we are able to, whip up celebratory meals or order delivery, and plan games and activities for the kids. Here are some ideas you can implement for Easter and Passover holiday during the quarantine. 

Rethink eggs

The tradition of decorating eggs may not be feasible as fresh eggs may be hard to find this year, and you may want to consider saving the eggs for eating instead of decorating. Instead, consider substituting the eggs for pinecones. Take a stroll through your neighborhood to search for some that you can bring back and decorate or order them online. Grab some paint, glitter, or favorite egg decorating kit and get crafty! As an added bonus, you can save your favorite pinecones for next year.

Not your average egg hunt

If your home or yard has space, tuck some eggs and hide them for your kids to find. For larger Easter hunts, get in touch with neighbors by connecting online and ask all to participate in decorating Easter Eggs and leave them around their front yard or window facing the street. On Easter, families can walk the neighborhood and try to spot all the Easter Eggs.

Another good way to get some fresh air while practicing safety is to plan a scavenger hunt with things that you'll be able to find around your neighborhood. Make sure to offer treats as a reward for successfully spotting the items. 

Bake Treats

easter cookies during quarantine

Holidays like Easter are normally filled with tasty colorful treats that are likely to lift the spirits. Baking essentials like flour, sugar, baking powder, and vanilla extra are pantry staples. If you have enough, with the proper food coloring, you can get creative. Involve the kids with decorating the desserts to keep them busy. 

Order Delivery or Takeout

passover side dishes

(Photo: Wexler's Deli)

Since supplies are short and the importance of avoiding a trip to the grocery store during this time is vital, the preparation of cooking an ceremonial holiday meal may deplete most of your supply of ingredients. Instead, support your local restaurant and ask if they’re offering special delivery for your holiday meal. This takes the stress out of rationing out your pantry and gives you an excuse to decorate the table to make it feel like you were out in a restaurant. 

Gather using a web-hosting service

Most states across the country has banned public gatherings, even if your religious institution is holding service, reconsider and think if attending would be the safest for yourself and family. There are plenty of ways to stay connected with your community or family with digital services like Facetime, Skype, or Zoom.


As we continue this practice of social distancing, remember what you’re celebrating. Both Easter and Passover are tragic times with beautiful endings. And as with the story of COVID-19, this too will pass with all of us stronger together.

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