Why Hiking With Your Spouse Can Strengthen Your Relationship

As to us adventure geeks, we tend to be always excited in venturing forth to the outdoors. Even in those tough moments of life when things aren’t going the way we want them to. One thing I can be sure of, that there will always be a special place in our hearts when traveling with our loved one. When I say loved one it is but your partner, your best friend and life time hang out buddy. But, as life goes on, our daily schedules are constantly being loaded with things that sometimes get in the way. These things kind of make our relationship stale and stagnant. According to some, the main reasons couples drift apart are stress and anxiety at work. How do we make some exciting turn of events for our relationship? Simple, Hiking! Therefore, it is so important to pause work and change your environment to fresh forest air and wild landscapes. 

Here are some tips on how you can spice up and strengthen your relationship with your spouse with a bit of help from mother nature. 

We’ve all heard people talk about going on amazing journeys with their romantic partners while hiking. And almost every time it turns out to be awesome for them. Why? Because hiking is incredibly rewarding. That being said, you still need to work it out to reap great results. It involves hard work, patience, careful thought and teamwork for both parties. 

1. Picking The Right Hike!

Always remember to pick the right hike depending on both your capability levels. Yeah, an adventure rich hike is a dream come true, but if you’ll only tire yourselves both for the rest of the day and see yourselves doing trails that are way out of your capacity, it would only hinder you from having a good time. Instead, check on both your levels. If you are an expert in hiking but your partner is just about to have their first hiking experience, it is better to compromise and choose a spot that offers great scenarios and activities for beginners. It is also a must to be prepared and keep in mind to gear up. It only takes one mess to spoil your whole hiking experience. Plan ahead together. This will even hype up your trip and give you both the excitement of hiking together. 

PRO TIP: DO NOT attempt an extremely difficult hike for someone's first time. You’ll want to strategically select a hike that has a rewarding payoff, but still involves a little bit of hard work.

2. Hiking Teaches Patience.

Outdoor activities such as hiking teaches patience that may soon help you on how you manage your relationship if flourished. Building your tent, making a fire, walking around to reach your destination goal, dealing with outdoor challenges such as how do you fend off bugs and how you adjust to the ever changing situation you have with the outdoors are physical representations of how patience is being trained in hiking. Of course, it is but to you, yourselves and to your partner that you must be patient.

PRO TIP:  Having great patience results in great team work. Try to be as patient with one another. You are here as a team. Enjoy each other's company. Remember that to win is to be together.

3. New Adventures, New Emotions.

Being with someone to new places creates a strong bond. The adventures that you take with your partner will forever remain as an awesome memory worth remembering for the rest of your lives. These new adventures will push both of you to realize that you have a very good relationship that only needs to be refreshed and renewed once in a while. It will strengthen you both and will open new perspectives to look upon.

4. Food And Pictures Are A Go To.

Don’t forget to enjoy the simple things like stopping for that Instagram worthy picture. It is these simple things that give great bonding and memories. Snap that photo with your partner. Together you’ll have something to remember that you both did on this hike. Recalling good memories becomes a lot easier with a few photos, and will inspire you to plan your next trip.

PRO TIP: Good food brings great bonding. Plan your menu ahead of time. Having a great view of nature is so much fun while eating.

5. Hiking is Dating For The Soul.

Dating and hiking can refresh your body and soul. We modern human beings don't get nearly as much exercise as their predecessors because of our changing work habits. Going on hikes will ensure that you’re using your back and leg muscles in a significant way, leading to the development of those muscles. Instead of your body wasting away behind a desk and your muscles atrophying, you’ll build strength that will allow you to go farther every time. Not only will your body benefit but your relationship as well. A healthy body and a healthy relationship, what more can you ask.

Lastly, couples that share the best bond together are those that really last long. I always say that we need to look and treat our partners not only as lovers but as our best friends. Remember that being with the outdoors is not that easy, but with the right team work and patience, you both can win together. Enjoy your time. Cherish each moment together, it is your relationship that really matters and the outdoors offers that opportunity to strengthen your bond. Happy trekking love birds!

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