California, Knows How to Backpack

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When you think of California, what do you think of? Disneyland? San Francisco? Hollywood? Well, something you may not think about is the backpacking trails the Golden State has to offer!

Being that Featherstone Outdoor is based in California, this is our backyard. Let us share with you some of our favorite trails.

Rae Lakes Trail

Rae Lakes Trail is located in Kings Canyon National Park and is very popular amongst California backpacking enthusiasts. 

  • 39 miles 
  • 3-4 days 
  • 4.3/5.0 Difficulty Rating
(Credit: Fredsharples via Flickr)

Trans-Catalina Trail

The Trans-Catalina Trail is one of the most scenic trails California has to offer, as it crosses through Catalina Island.

  • 39 miles 
  • 4-7 days 
  • 3.9/5 Difficulty Rating
(Credit: Chris Hunkeler via Flickr)

Lower Moro Campground

Lower Moro Campground is located in Crystal Cove State Park. This is one of the easiest trails we recommend for those who are new to backpacking.

  • 2-5 miles (depending on which trail you take)
  • 1 day
  • 3.0/5 Difficulty Rating
(Credit: b r e n t via Flickr)
These are just some of the beautiful trails that the state of California has to offer. Be sure to check some of these out whenever you get the chance!

As always, enjoy your trip, relax, and stay safe!
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