How To Sleep Better During Your Backcountry Getaway


Well, let’s start by saying that sleep is very important. When I say important, it is crucial for cell repair. It is when these moments that are our microscopic buddies come to work. They enable the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. Adding up, sleep is an essential function that allows our body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up. Healthy sleep also helps the body remain healthy and stave off diseases. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly. 

These are just a handful of benefits of sleep over its wide range of positive effects that we can have. But what if you are that one person who can’t seem to find a way to snooze and sleep throughout the night? Buckle up. Here are some tips on how to beat backcountry insomnia and sleep your tiring outdoor adventure off.


Make Yourself Busy And Schedule Your Day

As the title suggests, make yourself busy. Planning ahead of time to schedule your activities will give you a heads up on how you would be active throughout your hiking day. Whether it will be cross country hiking or camping, pushing your body to its limits by making yourself busy and eventually tiring you off will help you sleep better in the end. 

Just remember to not push yourself too hard. Occasionally stop and rest for a while. Don’t slack off to bed immediately. Rest and let your body stabilize itself before going to bed. 


Take Off Your Sweaty Dirty Clothes

Believe me, there is nothing worst than going to bed with dirty clothes. Besides that it gives you an unpleasant feeling, it is just not hygienic. The last thing you want is dirt and small stones mixed with your blanket and the smell of sweat that reeks inside your tent. Take your sweaty clothes off and wear some new ones. A clean layer will help you avoid that clammy feeling and also protects your bag from the harmful oils of your skin. Even if you have little to no chance of bathing, wearing clean clothes before going to bed will help you feel relaxed and sleep better. 

Reminder: Dirty or muddy shoes are off the tent. Keep your dirty muddy shoes and clothes outside or hang them by a tree. 

Just Don’t Smoke

Smoking obviously is a harmful hazard to our body. But how does it affect our sleep? Well, smoking produces nicotine that is inhaled and absorbed by our body through our lungs. Nicotine by nature is a stimulant, just like caffeine. Modern research shows that nicotine through tobacco use contributes to insomnia and irregular sleeping patterns. Just for the reason that it is bad, quit smoking. It’ll help you sleep better, and promote a healthier body. 

But if you aren’t the type to quit yet, at least limit your smoking. Just be sure to not smoke a stick before you sleep.

Remember: Be responsible for disposing of your cigarette butts. Keep in mind that forests and areas with thick vegetation are prone to wildfires. Also, small waste such as these cigarette butts is more harmful to wildlife for they confuse animals such as birds as food and poison them. 

Invest In Your Sleeping Bag

This is an optional recommendation but can provide you with a great difference in comfort during your trail. But if you’re asking me? Investing in a good-quality sleeping bag is a must! At the end of the day,  all you want to do is to close your eyes, relax and enjoy your sleep. Do not barge into your tent, lay down and sleep on a cold surface. Have yourself a decent and reliable sleeping bag. This may cost you a lot more money depending on what brand you are considering buying,  but having a quality sleeping bag will surely make you feel comfortable and warm, and will help you sleep off that tiring day on the trail.

Speaking of sleeping bags, have you already checked ours that are available here on our website? Equipped with DownTek PFC-Free Gray Duck Down Technology, our Featherstone Moondance 25 Top Quilt Sleeping Bag Alternative is lightweight and provides superb quality and comfort throughout your backcountry adventure.


End Note

Sleeping plays an important role in our body's development and sometimes it is misinterpreted and taken for granted. It is one of the key components for our body to repair and rejuvenate damaged cells. In simple words, no one is productive if they have no sleep.

Just remember that whenever your body does something, it needs to stop and rest for a while. Take a deep breath or snap a photo. Learn to appreciate what nature has to offer.

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