Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day Outdoors

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Getting some uninterrupted time with loved ones is a gift unto itself. Being in the great outdoors naturally lends itself to this, making it the perfect place to do something special for Valentine's Day. Whether it's something well-thought-out or last minute, we've got some great romantic outdoor date ideas, be it for yourself or to enjoy with a significant other, family, or friend!


Outdoor Date Ideas

  • Roast marshmallows over a campfire or indoor fireplace. Don't forget the s'mores fixings too!

  • Speaking of fires, what is more romantic than snuggling with the one you love next to the fireplace or outdoor firepit or campfire?

  • Go on a winter picnic. (If it's not too cold or snowy, of course.) Deli sandwiches and fresh fruit and good ideas for the food portion. As far as drinks, hot cocoa is the obvious choice if it's chilly out. Many people like taking their favorite bottle of wine or craft beer too. Chocolate covered strawberries for dessert are always a big Valentine's Day hit.

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  • Go on a scenic sunset hike. Bonus: You'll be nice and toasty from hiking by the time you find a place to sit and watch it together. If a walk is out of the question, find a nice vista, park, and just watch the sunset cuddled up in a nice, warm blanket.

  • If the weather allows it, go for a couples-only camping trip during Valentine's. Even if you're single, practice some self-care and allow yourself to re-connect to nature and unwind from the stresses of the everyday grind. If the weather isn't cooperating, you can always rent a cabin to stay warm and toasty and still be close to nature.

  • Go for a couples day-hike (or bike ride, if that's more your speed) coupled with some of the other suggestions on our list.

  • Plan a weekend ski getaway. It's the perfect combination of enjoying the best part of winter (snow) outdoors and ending the day cuddled up next to a fire sipping hot cocoa.

  • Go ice-skating. Many cities offer outdoor skating ponds during the winter or find your own in the countryside. (Make sure it's safe first, of course, and, you know, don't go trespassing on private land.)

  • If you're not into the thrills of downhill skiing, try one of the calmer snow sports, such as cross country skiing or snowshoeing.

  • Go glamping. Just seeing pictures of glamping set-ups looks romantic. It's also perfect for those of you who may have significant others that aren't as into the “roughing it” scene as yourself.

  • Too late to plan anything or the weather is too crummy? Plan a special trip, camping trip, backpacking adventure, or bucket list of hikes you'd like to accomplish throughout the next year.

  • For those of you lucky enough to live close to an area that offers them, go on a sleigh ride. If you're seeking something closer to the city, a horse-drawn carriage ride is another option and seemingly popular choice if you plan on popping the question to your significant other on V-Day.

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  • Go for a dip in an outdoor hot spring.

  • If you live somewhere the weather allows it, go for a paddle at your favorite spot or a new one you've been wanting to explore. Bonus points for watching the sunset over the water.

  • Play in the snow and be a kid again! Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or find the nearest incline and go sledding.

  • Go on a road trip. Have a general idea in mind on where you want to go, such as a particularly scenic spot you love, or head to a place you've been wanting to visit for a while, but haven't found the time to go.

  • Go on a geocaching adventure. It should prove to be especially interesting if you have snow in your area!

Valentine's Day Tips for Outdoors


Be sure to avoid any date debacles by following the suggestions below.


  • Make sure to bring plenty of blankets, extra layers, a warmer coat, hand warmers, etc...Even if you're not planning on sleeping outdoors. Being cold can turn the mood cold quickly.

  • Choose an activity within reason. If your significant other absolutely hates the cold, don't insist on taking him or her for a walk through the woods if you live in, say, Minnesota. Watching the sunset from the warmth of your car would be a much better option to ensure everyone is happy and having a good time.

  • Take plenty of snacks and warm drinks, no matter the activity!

  • If you're planning on having a little sexy-sexy time on your outdoor excursion, here are some great ideas from Modern Outdoors to make the most of your experience.

Have you ever been on an outdoor date during the winter? How was it and would you do it again?

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