A romantic getaway in the backcountry: Ideas for a romantic camping trip this Valentine’s Day

A Romantic Backcountry Getaway

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Pressure is on, Valentine’s day is approaching. There’s nothing more romantic than spending the entire weekend in the backcountry, disconnected from all the noise. Just you and your significant other stargazing and cuddling up by the fire. With that in mind, we’re going to provide you some trips to transform a normal camping trip to an enchanting weekend bringing you both closer together. 


Choosing to car camp will probably be the best option since you can accommodate more essentials and enjoy a more luxurious stay. Find a site that is further from the crowd and offers ultimate privacy.

Below are some great national parks to camp during the weekend:

Yosemite Falls, California: If you’re a big fan of waterfalls, huge landmarks, and wildlife, Yosemite is the spot for you. They have large choice of campground reservations from RV camping to primitive. Check out their website for availability.

Badlands National Park, South Dakota: Badlands National Park requires a bit of a hike to reach the campgrounds, but it is totally worth it if you enjoy stargazing. Cedar Pass and Sage Creek are two of their campgrounds. Visit their website for more details and reservations.

Zion National Park, Utah: Zion provides a more robust campsite with toilets, drinking water, showers, and plenty of markets nearby. Take the trail to the Observation point to get an amazing view of Utah. For a list of camp grounds, visit or click on the following link.

Joshua Tree National Park, California: This a desert location in Southern California offering serene views of the stars during the night. The campgrounds are nested near gigantic boulders and cactuses, great for taking many Instagram-worthy photos. For a list of campground reservations, visit the website.

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia: If you’re into more greenery and consider yourself a mountain person, this is the perfect escape with majestic views. For more details about pricing and campground reservation, check out the following link.

Reservations for these campgrounds go quick so plan ahead and make the most out of your trip.

Food & Wine

By sticking with car camping, you’ll have the chance to offer a more refined menu. Bring ingredients and food that you’ll both enjoy and indulge on.

campfire cooking outdoor

If cooking or grilling in the outdoors intimidates you, prepare meals that can be simply reheated or prepared with a Dutch oven. Check out this article for Dutch oven recipes.

wine drinking at camp

Wine is a must or any alcohol rather. Depending on your camping trip, you’ll have a choice between bagged or bottled.

Tip: Bears love wine more than humans, be sure to pack away any bottles or bags in a smell proof bag or bear bin.

s'mores smores

Make the night even sweeter by bringing your favorite dessert. S’mores is probably one of the biggest staples for camping and pairs great with your wine.

Are you getting hungry yet?

Cozy-up for two with this essential gear list

Make your night more romantic with these gear essentials

Two-person sleeping bags: Sleeping bags are usually made for one individual; however, some brands have been mindful enough to make sleeping bags fit for two.

Here are some of our recommendations from brands that offer two-person sleeping bags:

    Two-person sleeping pads or air mattress: There’s nothing more of a romance-kill than sleeping on a hard, rocky surface. Choose a sleeping pad that is large enough for both of you to roll around in.

    Here are our choices for a good sleep system:

    If you want to make things a little more luxurious and glamp-like, bring an air mattress that can fit inside your tent. 

    Tent: Get more privacy by sleeping in a tent. Most backpacking tents are lightweight and made to be “cozy” which is perfect for this intimate getaway. We offer two person versions of our UL Granite and UL Peridot, both allow the fly to be removed and have amazing views for stargazing.

    Please check the dimensions of our 2 person tents before purchasing your sleeping pad or sleeping bag. 

    Battery or solar powered light strings: Ditch the boring lantern and spice things up with light strings to set the mood.


    campfire cozy bonfire

    Find a location that has a firepit or build a campfire to make those nights more mystical and cozier. To learn how to set up a campfire, be sure to check out our previous article on how to build a campfire

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