Ambassador Spotlight: DeeAnn

DeeAnn is a lively engineer of Denver,Colorado who works 40 hours or more during the weekdays, but on the weekends, she always plans to do outdoor living with her friends and sometimes solo doing her hobbies that are defined as “backpacking'' which includes hiking, camping, fly-fishing, and photography. She loves and enjoys photography; DeeAnn has a passion to capture the exciting moments of her adventure and share them on her Instagram profile.

If she had the luxury of time, she enjoys having a long trip to the wilderness with all her things packed for adventure and survival.

She didn’t start her outdoor activity experience until she moved to grad school in her mid-twenties. When she was a kid, she played what a typical child would do outside like riding a bike, playing tag with friends, and hanging out with fellow neighbor kids, but her parents didn’t have time to take vacations to do and introduce her to “outdoor activities” leading her to get curious as she grows up to study and started living in Denver, Colorado developing an interest to outdoors activities.

 “When I started, I knew nothing about the outdoors, I mean nothing: I didn't know what a trailhead was, what clothes/gear to bring, or even ‘how to get to the mountains'. I wondered what people put into Google maps.Then I started making friends and joining outdoor groups which helped a lot.” She mentions that it is “fairly easy” to have access to nature in Colorado since it has alpine lakes, bike and hiking trails, rivers, and rock-climbing area, therefore she spends some time connecting with nature after work.

As an engineer, DeeAnn was impressed by the aspect of outdoor living, observing unique ecosystems and diverse environments integrating each other. She said that “every biome has a purpose and the flora and fauna within each biome compliments each other to create a self-sustaining environment.” adding that “mother nature is the ultimate blueprint” of life.

DeeAnn loves her Featherstone gear; her top 3 favorites are:

  1. The UL Granite 2P backpacking tent “because of how spacious it is for its weight, the numerous storage pockets/compartments, the double doors, and how durable it is”. She had used it for backpacking and car camping during rainy seasons and cold weather and “it held up extremely well.”
  2. The El Cordion UL closed cell foam pad “because it's affordable, comfortable, lightweight, and a great additional insulating layer under a sleeping pad.”
  3. The UL Obsidian single person backpacking tent “because of how lightweight and compact it is, the quality and durability of the materials, and how comfortable it is for 1 person. It's a great backpacking and bike-packing tent!”

 What is even more exciting to know about DeeAnn’s next trip, she plans to have a “canyoneering and rock climbing trip in Moab, Utah followed by some 14ers in Colorado!” You can catch her up on Instagram @watertraveler13.


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