Easter Sunday 2021: What to Expect & How to Make It a Fun-Filled Holiday

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Though it has already officially begun, Easter is synonymous with springtime. You can't help but think of colorful Easter eggs, wildflowers popping up, and warm, sunny days.

One thing is for sure: Covid has put a kink in traditional Easter traditions, such as public egg hunts and related activities for those with kids. Although some states are getting rid of their mask mandates, plenty of areas still have them in place. This means the whole family may still be required to wear masks, even at outdoor events. And some places may still be canceling their Easter activities altogether to err on the safe side. These things don't have to stop you from having an enjoyable Easter Sunday, though. This fun spring holiday can be as fun as you make it!

With the nicer weather, it's the perfect time of year to start getting outdoors more too. We hope you find inspiration for your own safe Covid Easter with our list of fun springtime activities below.

Take an Easter hike. Hopefully, the weather where you live will at least give you one pleasant day over Easter weekend. Get some fresh air on your favorite trail by yourself or with friends.

Combine your hike with an Easter scavenger hunt. These are arguably better than an egg hunt, in a way, as you won't be as likely to leave things behind, like forgotten eggs, Easter basket grass, etc. Plenty of spring scavenger hunt sheets are available for free online, both kid-friendly ones and trickier ones for older kids. Or, you can make your own with specific things found in your area. 

Bring a nature journal on your hikes and trips outdoors. This a great idea for older kids who might not be into scavenger hunts anymore. (It's also a relaxing way for adults to unwind too!) Write or draw things you like or find interesting during your time outside. 

Go camping during Easter. For about half of the country, it's warm enough during the day to be enjoyable and not so cold at night that it makes sleeping uncomfortable. Plus, the campgrounds shouldn't be packed yet. Or, you could just go on a weekend backpacking trip if you're longing for some extra seclusion.

Dye Easter eggs at home. They have just about any kind of decorative Easter egg kit you can think of nowadays. If you want to save some money, you can also just use food coloring. Dying them one color, letting them dry, then dripping different color food coloring drops directly on the eggs makes for a cool-looking tie-dye effect! If you're feeling extra adventurous, try making some natural dyes using red cabbage, cumin, etc.

Have an Easter egg hunt in your own backyard. Kids will have just as much fun, if not more. Plus, your kids won't have to compete with dozens of other kids and will end up with more eggs! No yard? Hold your egg hunt in a nearby park. Just be sure that you leave no trace!

Have an Easter day picnic. This is a great way to spend any pleasant spring afternoon!


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Play at the park. Kids seem to have an endless supply of energy. Help them burn some off in a fun way.

Have a paint session outside. Paint some rocks to decorate your yard or garden. Bees, flowers, butterflies...Let your (or your kids’) imagination go! You could also paint some terra cotta flower pots to make a small birdbath, like this one. Make a miniature one that butterflies can use to get a sip of water!

Plant some flowers or get your garden or flower beds ready. Nothing says “spring” like planting flowers or a garden, does it? Depending on what part of the country you live in, it may be safe to go ahead and get planting. If not, you can still remove debris from the winter, till, etc.
Not into gardening? Head to your local park and pick up some litter. Use Easter as an outdoor clean-up day!

Make bird feeders to hang at home. These are super easy. With empty toilet paper tubes or even pine cones, spread some peanut butter on then roll in a dish of bird feed. Tie some yarn on and hang on the highest tree branch you can reach. You can also make nesting balls. (Stuff twigs, yarn bits, grass, etc into some pantyhose. Make some slits so birds can pick items out. Hang on a tree branch.)

Take pictures of the flowers you find on walks and identify them when you get home. This is a fun, hands-on way to learn more about the plants that thrive around your area.

No matter what kind of fun you have outdoors during Easter, we hope you, your friends, and your family have a pleasant and safe holiday!

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